Our skills

Single or systemic – always a concept for success

Almost anywhere, there is potential for optimisation. But for every customer and project, different steps or combined strategies lead to success.

To perfectly meet your requirements, we not only offer you system-compatible consulting on how to plan and optimise, but also a strong group: Equipped with an independent production as well as own licensed brands for the food service industry, Cater Systems takes the role of a technological pioneer and looks back on more than 30 years of experience.

Our fields of competence:


  • Analysis, planning, optimisation & management of food and beverage products and costs
    • Evaluation of purchasing volumes according to product groups
    • ABC analysis of suppliers with regard to delivery capacity/price/subsequent delivery/quality
    • Assortment of suppliers after priority analysis together with customer
    • Preparation of supplier negotiations
    • Optional conduction of supplier negotiations
    • Market and purchase research
    • Purchase strategy
    • Purchase Bundling

Creation & Definition

  • Food and beverage composition
    • Counselling interview to determine the customer's expectations
    • Consideration of newest food service trends in the customer's field of action
    • Customer's budget expectations
    • Recipe development
    • Blind taste testing
    • Contracting out products


  • Ensuring uniform product quality
    • Optional co-packing/contract manufacture of food products
    • Realisation of manufacturing logistics
    • Customer-specific packaging solutions
    • Matching of recipes and new wrappings
    • Prototyping
    • Target Costing
    • Approval
    • Realisation


    • Creative workshops
      • Innovation management
      • Benchmarking
      • Trendsetting
      • Positioning workshops
        • Brand
        • Strategy
        • Concept
        • Product workshops
          • Food and beverage design


        • Operating cost management
        • Inventory (inventory frequency, supervision of recipes)
        • Material usage rate
        • Labour costs rate
        • Refund optimisation
        • Pricing policy
        • Cash flow optimisation (financial requirements and return on capital)
        • Analysis of cost structures in CAPEX and OPEX
          • Identification of KPI: surface area productivity, contribution margin of product, customer etcetera
          • Identification of measure catalogue and priority setting
          • Implementation planning, cost-benefit calculation
          • Definition and implementation of controlling tools

        Efficiency management

        • Workflow planning at POS (installation of work stations, delivery chains)
        • Funnel analysis
          • Optimisation planning
          • Cost-benefit measurement analysis
          • Make-or-buy decision
          • Realisation
          • Controlling

          Systems Management

          • Uniform market presence (central guidelines, “system” recognition, quality management), positioning (differentiation), brand strategy (image management)
          • Standardised product definition
          • Logistics (freshness guarantee, stock optimisation)
          • Procedural instruction (process reliability, staff training, manuals)
          • Process optimisation (marketing, controlling)
          • Budget planning, concept design, labour costs budget monitoring, cost of sales monitoring, target and standard monitoring


            • Architect service (securing “system design”, correct blueprints), business case qualification (parameter management, securing fast ROI)
            • Store construction (construction services scheduling, securing functionality)
            • Analysis of local conditions and site selection (use-of-potential analysis, risk management)
            • Strategic management
              • Idea generation and definition
              • Menu development
              • Design
              • Business plan
              • Site location assistance
              • Arrangement of/support during opening phase
              • Rental agreement negotiations
              • Store construction
              Group Cooperation at its best for a systematic partnership
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