Systematic success

Good examples of how Cater Systems works

Quick service coffeehouse concept

Middle East

For a market-listed financial holding company in Oman, which among others owns Oman's biggest bakery, Cater Systems realised a quick service coffeehouse concept.

The customised services ranged from basics such as a strategic definition of the product essence, food development, and design to details like staff training or franchise agreements.



Food concept expansion for a quick service restaurant

Middle East

For the Middle East franchise partner of a globally leading quick service company, Cater Systems developed a dessert concept meeting the taste preferences of the region. The main tasks were conceptualisation, target price definition, and consulting for the industrial production.

Menu development for a vintager


For a well-known vintager with own wine store and restaurant, Cater Systems refined the food and beverage concept. The measures included an optimisation of kitchen appliances as well as the introduction of standardised processes. Moreover, all products were evaluated in a profit and loss account in order to meet respectively increase the target group's demands.

Product development for a bakery chain


For a bakery chain planning to expand its product line with wraps and sandwiches for better market coverage, Cater Systems provided comprehensive consulting for product development, calculation, and production. Until the successful commercial launch, the whole process of realisation was accompanied.

Brand development for a frozen yoghurt concept


For an innovative frozen yoghurt concept, Cater Systems developed a differential positioning, a corporate identity, and a logical plan for the product line in order to generate lucrative all-season sales. During the realisation phase, further professional support was a matter of course.

Optimisation of kitchen processes for a lifestyle caterer


For a customer doing business in the lifestyle catering trade, Cater Systems helped reducing waiting times during rush hours considerably by optimising the kitchen processes and recommending new kitchen appliances. Moreover, time-consuming intermediate products were outsourced to selected suppliers in order to, on the one hand, reduce labour costs and, on the other hand, have sufficient amounts of constant quality in stock during rush hours.

Food design for a burger chain


A fast growing burger chain entrusted Cater Systems with the development of sauces for their concept as well as with a further development of their menu. As a system partner, Cater Systems now realises the sauce production in its own facilities and regularly develops new food creations to diversify the menu.

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