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Münchner KüchenKraft

Münchner KüchenKraft is an expansion of the production branch of the traditional brand Münchner Suppenküche. With an independent market presence, it specialises as efficient manufacturer for the make-to-order production of soups, sauces, stews, or even completely individual food components for the food service market.

Employees at Münchner KüchenKraft produce technically and hygienically at the highest stage in order to ensure best quality and maximum efficiency while maintaining constant food standard and reducing labour and material costs.

Ingredients are delivered freshly daily mainly from the region and permanently controlled for quality and taste. Like this, the meat, vegetables, and fruit are certified according to strict guidelines. Furthermore, Münchner KüchenKraft fulfils the requirements of the EU-Eco regulation and, thus, is licensed to manufacture organic products.

The distribution all over Germany is carried out via an own logistics network, in the wider area of Munich own vehicles are used for delivery.

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Münchner Suppenküche

For more than 30 years, the Münchner Suppenküche stands for quality and tradition. With highly motivated employees and tried and tested recipes, the company is ready for the future. Every single day, the staff is happily taking the challenge to serve and satisfy customers with healthy and fast dishes made from fresh ingredients.

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